Friday, September 22, 2006 Is there a sexual pervert in power if we play pee-key to five years? . a statement of facts can be read in Le Figaro as would be produced in a commune of the Vaucluse Friday. "On that day, four students from middle section have imposed a girl pressures, imposing hugs the thighs and mimicking a scene that may be related to a form of violence. Immediately, the teaching staff intervened to separate the children and support the victim. Finally, we sent the boys to their parents so that they lead a reflection uncompromising on the scope of their actions. "Says the school inspector. The administration has also seized the prosecutor, who decided to conduct a personality survey of families of four apprentices offenders …. We will be careful not to pass judgment here. First, because the words of a member of the prosecution of Carpentras "In this case, there is no real witnesses: neither adults nor children. People are panicking. We forget that we all played doctor. "But we can still think about what this type of incident, we learn about ourselves and the state of our society. the concept here is seen "zero tolerance" has been pushed too far and that no doubt if the law on prevention of delinquency was passed, these kids are already stuck … We finally see that in the security climate of ours, the most immediate answer is the only sanction Yet even if it’s necessary, "punishment is not the only purpose". This is, of course, not on the same subject (although …), since this statement is that of a magistrate Bobigny following the statements of Nicolas Sarkozy. The most famous magistrate and is really in the crosshairs of the Minister candidate, Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig also meets him in 20 minutes: "We must give ourselves the means to enforce the law" and denounced a maneuver to divert attention from other issues raised by the letter of the prefect. Other topics to report loose in this press review. Le Figaro returns again on teacher absenteeism. The newspaper estimates that this represents 12 million hours of class lost over 233 million hours of teaching thoughts tell annually by 400,000 teachers working in colleges and high schools in France. Fortunately, a specialist in these matters into perspective these figures and shows that it is not more than elsewhere in the private sector. Yet the technique of the scapegoat is always at work … Liberation focuses in turn on pre-registration project at the university for future graduates and wonders if he is not a form of selection disguised. Let’s end on a nervousness. How can you write such enormities? A supposed social scientist offers in Le Monde that the assignment in college or high school is done on contest. The best would then have the choice and would go to the best colleges, the others would be consolidated into other facilities. The summit is reached with this sentence which denies all the studies conducted on this subject until then: "why should finish with the official theory, which no one believes intimately, which states that the mixture of students from very different levels hoisted them all up. " What we read here is nothing less than the end of college for all and the establishment of a profoundly unequal logic without being the least equitable world … Good Reading .. . ———————————————- Liberation 22 / 09/06 in February, the choice of the auditorium order to allow time for universities to discourage young people to inappropriate die at their studies, future graduates may pre-register in the winter. Read more of the article Four kids expelled from school for "touching" Four children 5 years old were sent to kindergarten Frederic Mistral, in Jonquieres (Vaucluse), accused of having forced a girl of 4 years of inappropriate touching during recess Read more of the article "nothing wrong with playing pee-key" Four children five were sent to a kindergarten Vaucluse, accused of having forced a girl of four years of inappropriate touching during recess (see article). Francoise Geay, Lyon psychiatrist reacts. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 22/09/06 Parents increasingly concerned about teacher absenteeism millions of hours are lost each year but replacements are better secured than before. Read more of the article Justice received several complaints Proof that times are changing it a few months ago, Jerome Charasse, a law student, nephew of Michel Charasse, seized the administrative court of Clermont-Ferrand to castigate prolonged absences from his teaching philosophy. The young man accused his teacher to be responsible for his 6 of 20 in philosophy tray. Read more of the article Four kindergarten pupils excluded for displaced caresses veritable assault or mere childish game: opinions differ on the severity of the incident that occurred in a school in Vaucluse. Read more of the article Bouches-du-Rhone rely on computers to college All students in 3rd and 4th receive a computer upon reentry. But machines are sometimes in a drawer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 21/09/06 (a day late) Bevel the school board? Consultation on school board is committed yesterday seems to confirm the will of the Ministry of relax. Read more of the article "A kid in jail, it’s a failure," Helene Franco juvenile judge at the Bobigny court and vice president of the Union of Magistrates, responds to criticism of the prefect. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 22/09/06 (paid) Class Honors in tray and 30 errors in dictation students in first year of IUT Grenoble were subjected to dictation. The results are distressing: on average, ten to fifteen fouls per copy with aberrations, including among distinguished graduates. Read more of the article "We must quickly restore the hours of French primary" The results of the dictation you surprised they? Michel Buttet. Not at all. There is a year and a half, our group had submitted 2300 second pupils dictation of the patent in 1988, noting with the instructions of the time. As a result, only 18% of … Read More Article Twitter is making waves with his "Free Radio" Already called to order by the CSA, the young radio is threatened with sanctions for some very raw held in its free transmission antenna. Teenagers, them, there are an opening to express doubts in their own age. Read more of the article "Vulgarity can express discomfort" THE LAST TIME that Twitter had to plead his case with the CSA concerning "free radio", she summoned the child psychiatrist Joseph Naouri. He had listened to the broadcasts in question by the Council in order to identify hazards or … Read More Article IS MEANT TO ANTENNA So that everyone can make up their minds, we have transcribed the words below without mitigation. Words heard in "Free Radio" in 2005. A facilitator: "I think if I were a woman, I’d be a slut! I … Read More Article ————————————- ———– the Cross of Nothing seen … 22/09/06 ————————– ———————- 20 minutes from 22/09/06 Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig: "we must give ourselves the means to enforce the law" in its letter, the prefect talks about poverty, social problems, communalism, bearded, police. And it also expresses a judgment on the criminal justice system. But the note of June and it now comes out. It is not a coincidence. Given that two-thirds of the letter would annoy some seized a paragraph on the Bobigny court to create a smokescreen. It is a way not to mention other problems. Read more of the article "It would have to come and see how we bump Sarko" The corridors of Bobigny court rustle of resentment and indignation: the minister of Interior leaves no one indifferent. "The maximum daily is made and this is how they treat us, despairs a prosecutor. Only we, we do with the means at hand. "Who are limited. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 22/09/06 After abroad, the student feels strange It became a (good) habit. More and more young Europeans will study elsewhere. It is a joy to go. A "quirk" to return. Read more of the article Delinquency: senior judges bristle The words of Nicolas Sarkozy on the "resignation" of Justice the face of crime really does not pass. Replica of the most senior judges. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 23/09/06 the College of competition by Philippe Genestier social scientist, RIVES Laboratory ENTPE-CNRS. It is a French psychodrama. The school board is the center of all discussions, all programs, all hypocrisies and national illusions. Let us have the courage to look reality in the face: the social game is competitive, at school and elsewhere, and in a country like France, where the diploma plays a cardinal role in the social fate of individuals, their academic success children is a major challenge for families. More so for the middle class, whose rise in recent decades has made through access to secondary and university education. So it is not surprising nor shocking in terms of personal morality, that on such a major issue, families who can bypass the school board, that is to say, prefer to be better parents than . better citizens […] to solve these three problems at once, the most consistent system would be: the assignment in a college and a high school would be on the basis of a competition organized across of each city that would pass all students. They choose according to their ranking their establishment on the basis both of his reputation, as its ease of access for each of them. Things would be clear. […] The best students would be concentrated in the most reputable establishments in order to follow path of excellence, while the pupils would be grouped in institutions where they would receive real support. But for that it would end the official theory, which no one believes intimately, which states that the mixture of students from very different levels climbed them all up. […] Read more of the article MM. Chirac, Sarkozy Canivet and try to defuse the crisis Jacques Chirac "recalled his great requirement for compliance with the independence of judges and the necessary serenity that must govern the exercise of their mission," said a statement issued by the Elysee Palace after the 45-minute interview granted by the president to the first President of the Court of pay for assignment
Cassation, Guy Canivet. The Head of State asked that "all energy" are "mobilized" to "prevent and punish violence." Read more of the article Bobigny verdict Inspection An extensive audit of the court was conducted in 2005 by the General Inspectorate of Judicial Services. The world learned of the results regarding the prosecutor’s office the authority to prosecute offenders. They show that at Bobigny, despite its difficulties, justice is far from resigning, on the contrary, judges are displayed extraordinary repressive productivity. Each prosecutor handles more than 1,500 cases per year, half against his colleagues in Paris. A permanence "flagrant offenses and custody" two substitutes each receive 42 daily calls to the police, cases they deal in ten minutes. A permanence preliminary investigations, 85 cases a day, five minutes each. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Standing 22/09/06 an audit praises the work of the magistrates of Bobigny the document, dated 2005, shows that "a criminal response is given to every act of delinquency" and that judges handle more cases than average. Read more of the article —————————————- Express daily 22/09/06 "punishment is not the only purpose" Denis Salas, magistrate, author of the desire to punish, test penal populism (Hachette, 2005), said that the mission of justice is not zero tolerance. Under the 1945 law, it must give priority to educational solutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of sluggish 22/09/06 Back to university students and universities penniless After the victory over the CPE, universities and penniless students living in increasingly precarious perform a gloomy back with the feeling of being made solely responsible for the employability of young difficulties. Read more of the article Meirieu the presidential candidates: the school needs "political courage" The pedagogue Philippe Meirieu wrote an open letter to the likely future candidates for public Friday the presidential rendered and in which, on the basis that "our School goes wrong ", it encourages the" political courage "in education. Read more of the article she had slapped the teacher of his son six months suspended psison A mother was sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence by the Strasbourg criminal court for slapping a teacher who had punished his son did it said Friday a judicial source in Strasbourg. Read more of the article children Exclusion for "touching", "disproportionate" says Snuipp-FSU general secretary of the main trade union schools, the SNUipp-FSU Thursday described to AFP of "disproportionate" the excluding four children 5 years of a kindergarten Vaucluse for forcing a small 4 years touching. Read more of the article Children excluded from Kindergarten for "fondling": "surprise" of the CIPF President of parents CIPF Faride Hamana, expressed Thursday "surprised that we have put in place such a heavy process" against four children ages 5 kindergarten excluded from the Vaucluse for forcing a small 4 years touching. Read more of the article The House teen, a concept that school Adolescent House, a concept of care for young people experienced psychological suffering in Le Havre since 1999, has done since school France where a dozen structures now operate on this model. Read more of the article School mapping: the Unaf for a revision promoting equity The National Union of Family Associations (UNAF) called Thursday for a "revision" of the school board so that it promotes "a real equity "and takes into account the" needs of families. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- democracy needs of the press. The press needs readers to live … Read and buy newspapers! Posted by Watrelot to Friday, September 22, 2006